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Habanero-Lime Pistachios-8 bags

Buy 8 bags of
Habanero-Lime Flavored Pistachios
and save 15%

Habanero-Lime Flavored Pistachios are indeed! These little "hunk-o, hunk-o, burning nuts" are not for the faint of heart. Central Valley Foods has taken wonderful California grown pistachios and flavored them with real habanero chile peppers to create a real spicy, and tangy snack food that the Devil himself can appreciate :0) Always cholesterol free, these 7 ounce bags are perfect to carry in a back pack or glove compartment for a quick boost of energy when the need arises.

Pistachios are not only good for you (see Pistachio Nutrition 101), they make the perfect snack food for the road, hiking, parties, ball games or even poker night! And now we here at Pearson Ranch are pleased to offer discount savings when you buy multiple bags of Flavored Pistachios. *Save 15% when you buy 8 bags of Habanero-Lime Flavored Pistachios. So keep the party going, and even save a little bit of cash...(these days who couldn't use that?)

Caution: As with all wonderfully delicious and crunchy snack food, possible pistachio dependence may occur, leading to repeat purchases of even more yummy flavored pistachios. If these symptoms occur, be sure to consult with your Pearson Ranch sales person for follow up instructions.

(*15% Savings based on single bag purchase price)

8- 7 oz. Bags

Habanero-Lime Pistachios-8 bags
habanero-lime-8-bagsRegular Price $48.00Sale Price $40.80

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