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Habanero-Lime Flavored Pistachios

Habanero-Lime Pistachios
(7 ounce bags)

Habanero-Lime Flavored Pistachios are indeed! These little "hunk-o, hunk-o, burning nuts" are not for the faint of heart. Central Valley Foods has taken wonderful California grown pistachios and flavored them with real habanero chile peppers to create a real spicy, and tangy snack food that the Devil himself can appreciate :0) Always cholesterol free, these 7 ounce bags are perfect to carry in a back pack or glove compartment for a quick boost of energy when the need arises.

*We are now pleased to offer great SAVINGS on multiple bag orders of Habanero-Lime Flavored Pistachios too!

Habanero-Lime Flavored Pistachios

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