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Mix & Match Pistachios 8-bags

Mix & Match Pistachio Orders

Mix & Match 8 bags of your favorite flavors
SAVE 15%

Pearson Ranch has made it easy to enjoy your favorite flavored pistachios and save a little money in the process. Now you can "mix and match" 8 bags of your favorite pistachio flavors and save up to 15% off the single bag price!

Grown in the rich soil of the Central California and raised below the famous California Sunshine, you can't help but love these fabulously crunchy Flavored Pistachios from Central Valley Foods! Be ready for your next camping or hiking trip or just "stock up" on your favorite flavors!

Choose from:

* Salt Roasted Pistachios
* Chili-Lemon Flavored
* Jalapeno-Garlic Flavored
* Habanero-Lime Flavored
* Garlic Flavored
* Salt & Pepper Flavored
* Tequila-Lime Flavored
* Wasabi Flavored

INSTRUCTIONS For "Mix & Match" orders:

1. Click on the ORDER button below.
(Note: 1 Quantity of this product = 8 bags of pistachios)

2. If you are done shopping, go to the CHECKOUT page.

3. On the Checkout Page, go to the COMMENTS SECTION.

4. Under COMMENTS, please type in BOTH the quantitiy AND the flavors you wish to purchase in your order. (Example: "In my 8 bag order of Mix & Match pistachios please send me; 2 bags of Salt Roasted, 1 bag of Jalapeno-Garlic Flavored and 5 bags of Chili-Lemon Flavored pistachios.") Although your message to us does not have to be exactly in this "format", please make it clear as to the flavors and quantity of each you want to purchase, as to not confuse your order.

5. Continue to follow the instructions to finish "checking out" and complete your order.

6. If you need further assistance please call our toll free customer service number at 1-888-0-ORANGE (1-888-667-2643).

Mix & Match Pistachios 8-bags
mixmatchpist8Regular Price $48.00Sale Price $40.80

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